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The Prince's Trust

Established in 1976, The Prince's Trust is a UK charity that provides help and advice for young entrepreneurs between 14-30 years of age. The Prince's Trust youth specifically targets young people who need the help most such as those who have had problems including:

  • Difficulties at school

  • Being or having been brought up in care

  • Being or having been in trouble with the law or police

  • Long-term unemployment

The Prince's Trust offers the following practical support including:

  • Training and mentoring

  • Financial assistance

What types of programmes does The Prince's Trust run?

1. The Prince's Trust Business Programme

This Prince's Trust programme provides money and support to help potential young entrepreneurs start up in business.

You are eligible to apply for this Prince's Trust programme if you are:

  • aged 18-30

  • unemployed or working less than 16 hours a week

  • living in England or Northern Ireland

If successful, you will receive the following help from The Prince's Trust:

  • A low interest loan of up to £4,000 for a single applicant

  • A low interest loan of up to £5,000 for a partnership

  • Easy access to the expertise of a business mentor or consultant

  • Easy access to an extensive range of products and services useful to new businesses such as a free legal helpline

  • Funding of up to £1,500 in special circumstances, subject to local availability

  • Funding of up to £250 to carry out test marketing, subject to local availability

2. The Prince's Trust Team Programme

This Prince's Trust programme is a free personal development course lasting a period of 12 weeks. It offers the following:

  • 2 fun weeks of work experience gaining practical skills and making new friends

  • The opportunity to choose and work on a community project

  • A residential week

  • Career advice and help with job-hunting and your CV

  • A nationally recognised City & Guilds qualification: A Certificate in Personal, Teamwork and Community Skills

  • An improved chance of securing a job on completion of the course

You are eligible for this Prince's Trust programme if you are:

  • a UK resident

  • aged 16-25

  • unemployed
One of the main supporters of the Prince's Trust Team Programme include approximately 60 professional football clubs and 14 county cricket clubs. They help young people on this Prince's Trust programme benefit by the provision of coaching sessions, discussions with players and managers, work placements, advice on CVs and help with finding jobs, just to name a few.

3. Development Awards

These Prince's Trust awards are small financial grants to enable young people to access education, training or work. You can apply for a Prince's Trust Development Award as long as you are not a group or organisation and do not use the grant to pay for:

  • NVQ, level 4, HNC, HND, degree, post graduate courses or courses of an equivalent level

  • a gap year

It can take up to 12 weeks to process an application for this Prince's Trust award, but if successful, you will receive:

  • Funding from £50 to £500 to help you get into education, training or employment

  • Advice to help you set objectives, make decisions and look for other suitable programmes

Community Cash Awards

These are financial grants from the Prince's Trust to help young people set up a project that will improve local life and benefit their community as a whole. Projects could include a new sports centre court, a music studio, a youth club, even a local magazine.

You are eligible for these Prince's Trust awards if you are:

  • aged 14-16 and facing difficulties at school

  • aged 16-25, unemployed or working less than 16 hours a week

Exact amount of funding is detailed as follows:

  • up to £1,000 is available for 14-16 year olds

  • up to £5,000 is available for 16-25 year old

In order for Prince's Trust projects to be eligible, they need to:

  • be managed by young people between the ages of 14 and 25

  • bring clear benefits to the local community

  • bring clear benefit the people running the project; and

  • be a new or developing project

If you are a group or organisation wanting to arrange an expedition, overseas travel, non-educational trips, charity fundraising activities, you will not qualify.

Get Into… Programmes

These Prince's Trust programmes are free, short, and intensive courses offering training and experience in a specific sector to help young people secure employment. Chosen sectors include retail, sport, and construction, which have a high demand for workers.

You are eligible for these Prince's Trust programmes if you are:

  • UK resident

  • aged 16-25 except for “Get Into Construction” where you need to be aged 18-25

  • unemployed

These Prince's Trust programmes offer:

  • Training from qualified professionals

  • At least one week's work experience

  • Opportunities to socialise and make new friends and work with group of people
  • Help and support towards getting a job on completion of the course

Success Stories

Examples of the type of businesses that young entrepreneurs have set up with the help from the Prince's Trust include:

  • Hair salon Recycling Delicatessen

  • Teacher recruitment agency

  • Film production Mobile smoothie bar

  • Support for disabled students

  • Window shutter installer

  • Coffee shop Luxury ice cream maker

If you are a young entrepreneur, it's definitely worth taking a closer look at the Prince's Trust programmes to see if there's one for you!

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