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Mortgage Articles
Are you confused about which mortgage would be best for you? From flexible rate mortgages and cashback mortgages to mortgage refinance and home equity loans, our mortgage tips and tools section contains expert mortgage information to help you find and manage the best mortgage for your needs.
What are 100% Mortgages
What are 100% Mortgages?
Learn the advantages and disadvantages of 100% mortgages, the types of 100% mortgages on offer, and some important considerations if you're thinking about applying for a 100% mortgage.
Mortgage Basics
Mortgage Basics: Top Ten Tips for Choosing a Mortgage
Choosing a mortgage can be of the most intimidating experiences in life. Here are top ten tips to consider when reading about mortgage basics and choosing a mortgage.
Choosing a Mortgage

Choosing a Mortgage and a Mortgage Lender

Although you will have to do your homework when choosing a mortgage, the savings and flexibility are generally worth it in the end for many people.
Commercial Mortgages
Commercial Mortgages
Find out how commercial mortgages work, the types of commercial mortgages available, their
benefits, and some important considerations if you're considering a commercial mortgage.
First Time Home Buyers Mortgages
A Guide to First Time Home Buyers Mortgage
Learn about the types of mortgages available to first time buyers, some benefits to first time home buyers mortgages, and some important tips if you're considering a first time home buyers mortgage.
Home Equity Loans
Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit
Understand how home equity loans and home equity lines of credit work, their advantages and disadvantages, their uses, and some helpful tips if you're considering a home equity loan.
Mortgage Affordability
How Much Can You Afford? A Guide to Mortgage Affordability
There is no fun in getting that dream home, but not being able to afford to buy furniture for it or go out for dinner. So, here are some important considerations for figuring out how much you can afford.
Mortgage Brokers
Mortgage Brokers: Get One Working for You!
It's now much more common for consumers to use mortgage brokers to get the best cost comparisons rather than to go to lenders direct. Find out what a mortgage broker can do for you!
Mortgage-Free Living
Living with No Mortgage: A Guide to Living Mortgage-Free
A mortgage represents the largest and longest financial commitment of our lives. Here are some key suggestions to help you pay your mortgage off early so that you can be mortgage-free.
Mortgage Interest Rates
Mortgage Interest Rates: Understanding the Basics
It is useful to understand the different types of mortgage interest rates on offer in order to compare mortgage interest rates. Will a fixed rate or variable rate work best for you?.
Mortgage: Pay Off Quickly
Three Tips to Help You Pay Off Your Mortgage Quickly
These 'pay off mortgage quickly' strategies can be used by anyone looking for the answer to the question of how to pay off mortgage faster!
Mortgage Protection Insurance
A Guide to Mortgage Protection Insurance
If you take out a mortgage to buy your home, you should also seriously consider taking out mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI) or mortgage disability insurance. Here's why!
Qualifying for a Mortgage
Qualifying For a Mortgage: The Four Mortgage Qualifier Factors
There are four key mortgage qualifier factors that a prospective lender will consider above anything else when deciding whether or not to approve your mortgage application.
Mortgage Rates
Factors that Affect Mortgage Rates
As part of your mortgage education process, it's important to know the factors that affect mortgage rates and how it is that changes in mortgage rates are made.
Mortgage Refinancing
What is Mortgage Refinancing?
Refinancing a mortgage is suitable for any home or property owner who is either looking for additional funds or searching for a more favourable mortgage package. Find out more about mortgage financing.
Mortgage Renewals
Renewing a Mortgage? A Guide to Mortgage Renewal
If you renew a mortgage, you may benefit greatly from switching from your initial mortgage to a more flexible option or one with a more favourable interest rate.
Mortgage Secrets
Mortgage Secrets, Catches, and Stings
Here is a selection of just a few examples of hidden mortgage secrets and stings from lenders for which you should be on guard.
Mortgage Terms
Mortgage Terms: What is the Best Length?
What length mortgage to choose can be a difficult decision especially these days when there are more options than ever available on the market. Here are some tips to help you make sense of mortage terms!
Smart Mortgage Tips
Smart Mortgage Tips
Here we offer seven key mortgage tips and mortgage hints to help make the whole experience run a little more smoothly.
Mortgage Types
A Quick Guide to Mortgage Types
Choosing a mortgage can be a daunting experience. Here's a brief guide to the various types of mortgages available in the UK today.
Bad Credit Mortgages
Bad Credit Mortgages
Find out how bad credit mortgages work, the advantages and disadvantages of bad credit mortgages, and some important considerations if you're thinking about a bad credit mortgage.
Mortgage Best Rates
Get the Best Mortgage Rates: How to Compare Mortgage Rates
There are many different types of mortgage products available, but when looking for the best mortgage rates, there are only a few main types to look at when you compare mortgage rates on offer.
The Buying and Selling Process
The Buying and Selling Process
Buying and selling property can be a very stressful experience. Here are some tips to help you cope with many complex issues that will arise in the buying and selling process.
Capped Rate Mortgages
A Guide to Capped Rate Mortgages
Here's a brief guide to how capped rate mortgages work, the advantages and disadvantages of capped rate mortgages, and some helpful hints to keep in mind.
Cashback Mortgages
What are Cashback Mortgages?
Are you thinking about getting a cashback mortgage? Here's what you need to know about the types of cash back mortgages, the benefits, and important considerations!
Fixed Rate Mortgages
Fixed Rate Mortgages
Find out the benefits of a fixed rate mortgage and some important considerations about fixed rate mortgages to know before you apply!
Flexible Rate Mortgages
Flexible Rate Mortgages
Considering a flexible rate mortgage? Before you fill out that application, check out this handy guide to flexible mortages--their benefits, features, and helpful tips!
Interest-Only Mortgages
A Guide to Interest-Only Mortgages
A mortgage whereby your regular repayments only go to service the interest on the money you borrowed is called an interest only mortgage. Find out if an interest-only mortgage is right for you!
Self-Certification Mortgages
Self-Certification Mortgages Explained
Could a self-certification mortgage be in your future? Consider a self-certification mortgage's advantages, disadvantages, and some key considerations before taking the plunge.
Subprime Borrowing
Subprime Borrowing Explained
Find out the kinds of subprime loans available, and if you're a candidate for sub prime borrowing, review these tips before signing on the dotted line.
Remortgaging Explained
Learn about what remortgaging is, how remortgaging works, and important considerations of which you should be aware before you decide to remortgage your house.
Unlocking Equity
Unlocking Equity from Your Home
Understand how home equity mortgages offer a way of unlocking equity from your home, in order to release cash for a new car, a holiday, home improvements, or simply to enhance your daily life.
Conveyancing Explained
Conveyancing Explained
The process of cheap conveyancing or online conveyancing begins once a firm offer has been proposed and accepted for a property.  Find out more about conveyancing!
Equity Release Explained
Equity Release Explained
The general definition of equity release is a mortgage that allows you to release equity from your home or property. Find out if you're suited for this type of home equity mortgage.
A Guide to Green Home Loans
A Guide to Green Home Loans
Green home loans, also known as energy efficient home mortgages or green mortgages are loans which have been created to reduce our negative impact on the environment. Go green!
Home Information Packs
Home Information Packs: A Guide
Home Information Packs (HIPs), containing essential information that buyers and sellers need to know, simplify the process of buying and selling properties—making it easier and faster. Learn more about HIPs!
A Guide to Mortgage Fees
A Guide to Mortgage Fees
There is a whole spectrum of fees associated with arranging mortgages. Some of these mortgage costs are expected and transparent, while others are more hidden mortgage fees. Don't get caught!
Buy to Let Mortgages
Buy to Let Mortgages
Buy to let mortgages are designed to help you buy a property to rent out to tenants in order to get extra income. A buy-to-let is a form of property investment. Learn if a buy to let mortgage will work for you!
Current Account Mortgages
Current Account Mortgages or Offset Mortgages
Current account mortgages pull together your current account and mortgage into one account, so your savings and other income is used to counterbalance or 'offset' against your mortgage. Learn more!
Property Investments
Property Investments: A Brief Guide to Investing in Property
Here are answers to a number of key questions you need to ask yourself before taking on a mortgage for property investment or any buy-to-let investments.
A Guide to Tracker Mortgages
A Guide to Tracker Mortgages
Tracker mortgages, also known as tracker rate mortgages, are an alternative option to the more widely-used fixed-rate mortgages. Find out if a tracker mortgage is right for you.
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